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"Working with Paul and his team has not only transformed my business, but also my life".

Pollard’s Removal & Storage

( Danny Pollard, Owner & Managing Director )

"To be able to grow we needed to take a step back and see things differently. We needed new systems and processes, not just a better way of selling - this is exactly what you will get from the very direct but objective experts in The Business Hub".

The Real Cider Company

( The Real Cider Co. )

"If you want to raise your levels of business success then I would recommend these guys. The Business Hub know exactly when to guide, push and support - just to the growth level you're comfortable with".

Nicola’s Gateaux

( Nicola's Gâteaux )

"Growing a business is more than delivering your services excellently, it's a whole new area to learn. With The Business Hub I have learnt, through guidance and action how to employ new staff, trust them and let go of controlling everything. You just can't grow alone; it's impossible".

Bray Building Services

( Danny Bray, Owner )

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Diana and Charles' wedding, street bunting and flags

Thoughts for Whitsuntide: what new traditions would make your colleagues closer?

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Introduction Here at TBH Mastermind, we’re reflecting on Whitsuntide. It’s coincided nicely with some of the most significant easing restrictions of lockdown we’ve seen to date, and in time for us to even get back to hosting our meetings, although safely adapted, in person! Business Disciplines It got us thinking about the traditions – or

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statue of st george from very low angle. greyscale bar the pop of red on the English flag

How to Celebrate Business Wins Better this St George’s Day

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Today marks St George’s Day, the patron saint of England, as well as Bulgaria, Georgia, and Spain. Often though, celebrating his successes are overlooked, or at least diluted to just the story of the man who slays the dragon. It got us thinking about the ways in which this lack of recognition translates into English

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eco friendly carboard box with quality and recycling symbols across the base. lit in setting sun light

Six Tips for Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship

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Today is Earth Day, and we’ve been researching all the ways that businesses, large and small, can make a huge difference to their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. Eco-anxiety is a real thing, but as it turns out, it’s really very simple to make change. Here are six top tips for making

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