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Plugging the App Gap For Sales Reps!

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Big or small, global or local most businesses have a sales rep among their team. Without them fresh relationships aren’t nurtured, new clients aren’t captivated and profit and results aren’t gained. They play a vital role and need to be smart and savvy when it comes to working on the go. We’ve put together a handy list of apps ideal for the modern day travelling sales rep to help them stay sharp and on the ball, to make it easier to retain existing customers and make those all-important conversions.

The bad boys you’ve heard of…

The following are well-known for a reason. They’re dependable, effective and don’t let you down!

For overseas travelling:

  • Skyscanner app- This neat app goes beyond finding cost-effective flights. 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are great for quick and effortless ease and that’s partly what makes Skyscanner such a winner. Your hotel and car searches are now automatically synchronized with your flight search to save you bags of time, earning it some glowing success stories. Free from Google Play and iTunes.

For flagging down taxis:

  • UBER- Popular due to its ability to secure you a trustworthy and punctual ride wherever you are at the touch of a button, UBER saves you from having to call and negotiate a complex pick-up schedule. Available worldwide, you can even track your taxi’s progress towards you accurately in real-time. UBERPool allows you to car pool, spreading the cost and being a friend to the environment, whilst UBER Business Travel means you can keep work and personal trips separate simply through a different business profile. Free from Google Play and iTunes with great reviews to boot!

For hitting the hay and dining out:  

  • TripAdvisor- You’ll know as a sales rep that a good reputation and referrals are some of the best ways to nail a sale. There’s no better way of determining if a restaurant or hotel is worth your time while on a business trip than with TripAdvisor, where honest reviews from people with first-hand experience with the establishments are there for you to read alongside accurate photos. With a four star rating on iTunes where it is available for free (and on Google Play), you can read reviews of the reviewing giant itself here. 


apps, sales rep, working remotely

Apps for every occasion- no matter where you’re working from!

The unsung heroes…

Sometimes it’s the less raved about underdogs that can actually offer the greatest of help.

For being productive while being a jet-setter: 

  • Todoist helps you stay focused and organised while out and about with seamless cross-device synchronization, jazzy colour-coded prioritization calendars, notifications, productivity monitoring, collaboration features and more. Available for free for iPhone and Android devices you can see praise for the app here. 

For conquering the language barrier:

  • Tourist Language Learn & Speak-  Covering languages spoken in most countries from Kyrgyzstan, Thai, Hindi and Dutch, you’ll soon be a wordsmith in any tongue your job requires with the ‘My Phrases’ section of this useful app where you can add and manage your own translations to get you by! With a 4.3-star rating on Google Play, you can’t knock it!

For working on the go:

  • SignEasy- Swiftly sign your way to success to confirm important documents remotely on all your favourite devices when you need to. Avoid keeping important clients waiting and keep your work processes moving while you’re on business trips with this free and easy-to-use app. New document fields make the app accessible, saving you time scrolling through long documents, guiding you to exactly the place that needs signing. With a 4.2 Google Play rating you can’t deny it’s a must-have app!

For travelling in style:

  • Rome2Rio- Available on Android and iOS, this clever app finds the most affordable and speedy way for you to get to your desired destination, across car, plane, bus or train- perfect if you’re late to that game-changing business meeting and in an unfamiliar place! Being rated 4.5 stars on iTunes is a cool bonus!


Any sales rep who is often on the road or traveller will know being away from home means being apart from your usual resources and comforts. So why not embrace the latest technology for a smoother more efficient and convenient journey? Think of the things you could do for your business with the time you can save! Technology can be frustrating when it doesn’t appear to do what you tell it, but it really is only as good as its operator. Don’t forget to ask friends and colleagues for advice or consult the internet, forums and social media if you’re ever struggling with how to use an app.

We’re curious, what are the apps you swear by when travelling for business? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+!