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Through The Eyes of an Apprentice

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My name is Hollie and I am a Digital Marketing apprentice for The Business Hub. I’m currently working towards a Level 3 and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I’ve been with the Business Hub for nearly three months now, and I must say I’m truly loving my time here. Even though I’ve only been with the company for a short period, I’ve already produced many designs, which have helped further my skills.

I was convinced I would feel distanced working within a work environment for the first time due to my age and experience but it’s completely the opposite as I’ve been made to feel so welcome by the team here and believe I’ve fitted in nicely.

My day usually starts off with organising my emails, sorting clients’ feedback, printing responses and managing my tasks assigned to me by my boss, Paul. I maintain my organisation and timekeeping by creating a daily/weekly to-do list. My role consists of designing marketing campaigns for different clients through emails, Facebook ads, flyers and brochures. I particularly enjoy the design process as I get the opportunity to see an idea transform from a scrap bit of paper to a high quality, professional printed product.

The Business Hub and I decided to complete my apprenticeship through QA. A major factor in this decision was the fact that I have the additional support of college where I get face-to-face contact with both tutors and other apprentices who are working their way towards similar professions. It’s extremely nice to talk with other apprentices about their experiences and business.

One week per month I spend my time at the QA building in Leeds, where I experience classroom based learning and I am taught useful information and essential skills needed to enhance my abilities which can be practised back at the workplace. In addition to this, I have monthly visits from my assessor updating me on my progress and setting tasks to complete within that month. I love learning new skills and seeing them being incorporated within the working environment.

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“The best way of learning about anything is by doing” – Richard Brandon

Working as an apprentice isn’t easy as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work but having a supportive work family behind me and the experiences I’ve achieved already ensures me that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Prior to my apprenticeship, I spent two years studying my A-levels at Leeds Art College. No help was provided in my progression stage towards an apprenticeship and I found it extremely tough to leave college without a set plan. Further education was never an option for me; I loved studying through my two years but I was ready for real-life experiences.

After leaving college I had a horrible six-month period where I felt stuck in a rut searching for my next career opportunity. However, as apprentices are currently highly advocated in the educational sector for being both a qualification as well a paid work experience, I decided to delve in a bit deeper and find out more. I approached a company called The Apprentice Finder, who through thorough information and advice, helped me acknowledge that this was the perfect option for me as it provides me with the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience in a work environment and earn a steady income, everything that I wanted.

I personally believe an apprenticeship was the best career move for myself and would highly recommend this path for either a future apprentice or business.

Please contact me if you require any more information or help through my email hm@thebusinesshub.uk.com. You can also contact QA and The Apprentice Finder who both personally helped me in my progression towards an apprenticeship.