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As our name suggests, we are keen to network and help boost Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) especially those on our West Yorkshire doorstep! So we thought it would be more than handy to share with you some of the financial business support available, some of which you might not know exists! Did you know that just a small financial scheme maybe all a company needs to grow?

We’re in the business of transforming businesses so we’ve put together a summary about the local funding schemes available. We at The Business Hub are now an official partner to Kirklees Council and training provider on how to apply for their Working Smarter scheme, so you can apply for up to £1000 funding for your business with our support!

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Kirklees Working Smarter Grant:

Kirklees Council is currently promoting a grant for businesses within Kirklees called Working Smarter Grants. On their website Kirklees Council define ‘Working Smarter’ as “the practice of improving your business by investing in your workforce.” Sound good? Local businesses can apply for the funding up to the value of £1000!

You can apply for one grant if you have up to 250 employees to collaborate with an expert on a working smarter project.


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The Working Smarter Vouchers cannot be used for direct sales and marketing however you can use the vouchers for The Business Hub services such as (but not limited to):

  • Group Coaching covering our 90 Day Business Transformation Programme training, looking at clarifying your business vision and practical steps and support of achieving your business goals.
  • An evaluation of your current (business) and online brand– includes support and action orientated list of suggested steps improve or develop relevant social media accounts and/or pages, tailored to your business needs.
  • Personally tailored 1:1 training sessions to boost your sales and leadership skills with the result of growing you and your business.
  • Bespoke business mentoring
  • In-house workshops (where we come to you to train employees and team on sales skills – this can be customized and adapted to suit your business)
  • Financial Management– Quickly learn how balancing your books should no longer be a blocker to your business transformation success.
  • Streamlined Sales and Marketing Support– With a unique focus on the customer journey engagement rather than traditional ‘pushy’ sales, we support your current sales and business development team to generate improved market position and business growth.
  • And much more! Just ask!

Kirklees Council, Working Smarter, funding, business, The Business Hub

The way the vouchers work:

  1. You/we decide what to use the voucher on and the total value. An application is submitted and hopefully approved – FYI once approved you will have 2 months to complete the full project (aka the “voucher”).
  2.   We invoice you / you pay us.

The work is completed and then you show evidence to Kirklees Council that payment has been made (copy statement and invoice), they refund you the full amount within 10 working days.

To find out more and book an appointment with our Director, Business Coach, Paul Simpson to see how we can help.01484 401737 or email us on