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Sales is not about selling. 

In fact, that perspective is probably so 1990!

Times have changed dramatically. How we learn about the products and services we need is now so diverse. How you pitch your products and services is so different now to how we did even 5 or 10 years ago.

Sales is all about people and it is our relationships with people that make us money. If we understand how to create the right relationships, then selling can be almost effortless.

teamwork, business, support, coaching, The Business Hub, transformationAt The Business Hub we support your current sales and business development team to generate improved market position and business growth. We do NOT do this the old fashioned way with telesales or increasing your field sales, we do this using a variety of online and offline techniques – all of which are based around the Customer Journey and Engagement.

Why not watch our How to Stop Selling and get people buyingwebinar and learn more about our core sales philosophy?

Once you have clarity and vision in your company it is easy to create a customer journey map and plot all the influencing points, key words and channels – to attract the customers you really want for your business. This is a critical process for real turnaround and growth of your business.


The sales tactics you currently use should be just one part of your customer journey, in fact if you have your online and offline strategies right, there really isn’t a sales process at all. It’s all about engagement. Knowing your customer, understanding their needs and aligning the key benefits of your products and services to meet, exceed and delight their needs.

Gone are the days of a bit of radio, bill-board or TV advertising and some leaflet drops or ‘junk’ mail. Gone too, are the fax machines and email bombardment. You have to get creative, you have to turn your push based sales strategy in to a more lucrative pull buyer strategy where everyone leaves with a purchase happy.

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