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Strength in Numbers

Our 90 Day Business Transformation Programme could not be a success without YOU. That is lots of YOUS.

delegating, overworked, overstretched, team, efficiency,

This isn’t rocket science thinking, it’s basic human fact – we need others to make it happen. We cannot be all things to all people, yet at the early stages of starting a new small business; that is exactly what happens. And, this is the No.1 killer of success for most small businesses.

Simply put, you cannot do everything alone.

You need the input of others to think more creatively and not stay in the reserve of your own mind. You need the helping hands of others to get things done. You need the collective energy of others to clear through the whirlwind of things flying all around you.

Above all, you need your own cheering squad!

Your own cheering squad is THE core benefit of a mastermind group and group coaching. It gives all participants guidance and facilitates the options available to you, by learning with others. When you’re winning, we’re all cheering. When you’re not; we’re cheering harder to keep you going.

You can never underestimate the power of strength in numbers!

90-Day Business Transformation Programme

This programme is designed for you, the busy yet ambitious Business Owner. It gives you everything you wish you already had, if only you knew you could have it.

The Group Coaching programme is based on knowing and understanding, with real personal experience, what it is like ‘trying’ to grow your small business into something bigger, safer, more profitable and thriving.

delegate, share, team, resources, efficiency, productivity.

Overloaded? A successful business owner can’t wear their marketing, sales, admin and delivery caps all at once.

Our Business Owner scenarios are endless. From those who forget all about the money and with that invoicing, chasing payment or even charging the right prices at all, to those cleverly skilled craftsmen who just want to deliver their products and services to others, yet never find the time to actually grow their business to meet the potential demand they keep promising ‘tomorrow’.

We get it, but most of all ‘we get you’.

You have limited time, limited budget, limited skills … if only you had more you could make it happen.

But you don’t … with us, you now do.

Through the 90 Day Business Transformation Programme, we don’t ‘teach’ you how to turnaround and grow your business – we guide and facilitate you to take immediate action through our 6 Step Programme, that starts on DAY 1 to make it happen.

We are not an education provider or lecturer!

We are an action orientated JFDI centre armed with the skills, tools and plans for Small Business Transformation and we’re making it happen now, with you and your business.

90 Day Business Transformation Programme

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