90-Day Business Transformation Outline

Business Owner? Ready to GROW Your Business?

Join our 90-Day Business Transformation Programme.


If you’ve always wanted to grow your business and transform how it currently performs – this 90-Day Programme is for you.

Our innovative 90-Day Programme is pragmatic and very hands on. It is aimed at those who just ‘know’ their business is capable of more but either never get around to doing it or don’t know how to do it and simply want a helping hand to just flippin’ do it.

Who it is for:

  • Business Owners
  • Directors / Leaders of Businesses with >£1m T/O
  • Businesses with >100 Employees

The types of businesses it can help:

  • Any sector


  1. Practical & pragmatic business growth tool kit & plan
  2. Increased understanding of business growth in action
  3. Immediate application of new tools for business growth in action
  4. Clarity & Vision of:
    1. Your Business
    2. Your Market
    3. What you offer
    4. Your Customers
    5. Your Pricing Strategy
    6. Your Resources, strengths & weaknesses
  5. A Mastermind Agreement with a group of like minded Business Owners and Ambitious Entrepreneurs
  6. Confidence to execute appropriate budgets and action to support your growth plan


YOUR Time Commitment:

This is a strict 90-Day Business Transformation Programme. To complete the programme and enable your business to grow you must be willing to commit to 5 full Group Days over the 90-Day period.

  • 1 Full Kick-off Day
  • 5 x 0.5 Action Days
  • 1 Full Pitch & Perform Day

In addition, significant levels of delivery are required to progress your business, in line with your peers through the Mastermind Agreement.

It is estimated that over the 90-day period the average business owner will spend 150+ hours supporting their Growth & Transformation vision.

*NB. Do not commit to this programme if you unable to commit the time required to take action and to complete each critical growth step.

 Download the 90-Day Business Transformation Leaflet

90-Day Transformation Programme Outline: 


Session Topic Tools Outputs
1 Vision and Clarity  –  Understanding your offer

–  Complete Pyramid plan

–  Start of sales and marketing plan

2 Customer Perception


 –  Understanding what you do for customers
3 Buyer Behaviours  –  Understanding of why and how people buy e.g. trust

–  Emotional buying decisions

–  Pricing strategy

4 Communication and Marketing


 –  Life time value

–   Actionable plan

–   Key messages

–   Fulfil a campaign

5 The Cycle of Business

People – skills capabilities and team

 – Gap Analysis

– Budget setting

– Measures and control

6 Putting it all together

Pitching your business