ABCs of Business Coaching

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ABCs of Business Coaching

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Business coaching is the cornerstone of our business turnaround and growth services. Yet when people ask us what actually transpires in our coaching sessions, what coaching actually is, we find the definition is quite hard to pin down. That’s not because we don’t know what we’re talking about when we coach and it’s a job we’ve made up. It’s due to the fact that coaching is a multifaceted activity with many different aspects, angles, approaches and definitions- so we’ve put together a quick ‘Coaching Alphabet’ to illustrate just what this elusive term means!

A= Accountability: You don’t work for your business coach; you work with them. Nevertheless, how much more likely are you to get yourself in gear and take steps to achieve your business goals if there is someone there, propelling you forward, for you to answer to? A coach is like the proverbial prod you need to spring into action!

B= Become More:  A business coach drives you to flex your business muscles and utilise the skills you have to enhance your personal and professional development. You may not realise it straight away but after spending extensive time with a coach, you’ll gain a competitive edge, advancing your career faster than those that don’t have a coach, as you’ll be armed with more insight about yourself and enjoy the confidence that will naturally ensue.

C= Challenge: If we’re not challenged and put in unfamiliar situations every now and then, we will never grow. A business coach challenges you at your own pace and gives you that ‘push.’ That push to be more productive or to go for promotions and perform better. A recent investigation by Gallup showed that only 13% of workers worldwide are engaged at work. But according to research carried out by HCI and the ICF, coaching ups staff engagement levels with 65% of employees from companies, who place a high value on coaching deeming themselves as being highly engaged.

D= Divine Intervention: OK maybe not the godly kind, but intervention nonetheless. You may have been ‘just getting’ by with the way you think, act and work in business as many people that get coached know what they need to do or should be doing but a coach gently intervenes and helps you change your mind-set by listening to you on a deeper level and helping you understand yourself and your business.

E= Experience: Coaches are often successful entrepreneurs themselves and far from giving you business envy they will be happy to pass on any gems of advice and tips to you. They may have been coaching for a long time too, so, although everyone’s needs are different, there won’t be many issues they haven’t encountered before, so will always be able to offer you helpful support.

F= Focus: It’s easy to come distracted and if this is a bad habit of yours, having to meet regularly with your coach to report on your progress will keep you on track. Also the idea of ‘a business vision’ may seem as vague as it is daunting. A good coach will help you break down your business vision into small, bite-sized achievable steps that you can focus on.

G= Goals: Your coach will help you achieve your goals at a realistic pace. If your goal is to take up a leadership role at work, a coach can prove especially helpful as they will gradually become an influential figure in your professional life. The listening skills you will pick up from them will serve as just one of the many beneficial traits you can integrate into your business life to help you become a great leader.

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Score: A business coach can help you reach your business goals and potential.

H= Happier: When we’re doing well, hitting targets, feeling more fulfilled and getting results we all feel happier, don’t we? Coaches help you filter out the noise and mess of life to narrow down your goals and reach your potential- what’s not to smile about?!

I= Infectious Confidence: Just as a good coach’s non-judgmental skills can rub off on you and be one of the ingredients for a great leader, one of a business coach’s main purposes are to build your confidence up. They will be confident people themselves, confident enough in their ability to guide you, which will naturally rub off on you, whilst you will grow in confidence as you attain more of your business goals over time working alongside your coach.

J= Just for You: While your coach may have other clients, when they’re with you, you will be their sole focus and they will be concentrating on your needs, identifying what you need to improve on, what achievements of yours need celebrating. Coaching is a personal, private and individual process.

K= Knowledge: Similar to experience, many coaches have their own coach or have had one in the past, so they will be trained and skilled in the best way to approach coaching with you.

L= Listening: When was the last time you felt truly listened to? In this social media saturated, smartphone ruling, demanding and busy world it’s rare to find someone that will listen to you on a deep level, truly take on board what you’re saying and read between the lines for underlying causes to the problems you are explaining. Guess what? A coach is all ears!

M= Motivate: Many entrepreneurs fall out of love for their business, whether it be that it is failing or that the day-to-day running of the enterprise gets in the way of doing what they’re passionate about. A business coach can re-ignite the romance between you and your business and help you get motivated about growing your company again.

N= No: As in someone to tell you ‘No’. You may be great at coming up with ideas but these ideas might be unrealistic at the moment or could actually do your business more harm than good. Your business coach is a rational voice that helps with your risk management, saving you from making rash decisions you’ll regret.

O= Objective:  Other than wanting you do to do well, your coach will have no ulterior motive or hidden agenda so will be completely objective when it comes to advising you, your sessions kept completely confidential.

P= Perspective: And a fresh one at that! If you’ve been in the same job for a while you may be an expert at your role but the saying ‘two heads are better that one’ applies. Your business coach could inspire you and be the muse for a new idea that propels your business to new heights. Coaches help you think outside the box.

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The Right Questions: business coaches know the right questions to ask to get helpful answers.

Q= Question: Coaches nudge you to question why you act a certain way, why you think a certain way and helps you explore where your attitude and approach comes from. Only when you ask the right questions can you hope to find answers and solutions!

R= Reflect: A coach helps you reflect and evaluate your business journey so far, including celebrating your past successes, highlighting the need not to be too hard on yourself.

S= Support: A business coach will most likely become a friend to you, or at the very least, a person you can trust. We all need support and a positive uplifting, coach can be the perfect person to lean on when you’re frustrated with your business. Group coaching can also be a rewarding experience as fellow coachees will most likely be in the same boat as you.

T= Truthful: We can guarantee a coach will not be afraid to be honest with you about your flaws or what you need to improve on- after all, how else would they help you and your business grow? If a coach simply dished out false praise all the time, then it would be a waste of time hiring them.

U= Understanding: As obvious as it sounds, with the greater understanding of yourself and your business that the deeper listening a coach provides, comes more ideas and creativity. Being inside your head is a lonely place but a coach who understands you is a great person to bounce new ideas off and debate business decisions with.

V= Vision: Know what you want your business to look like but find it hard to put into words? Perhaps you have tunnel vision and never see the bigger picture of what you are working towards? A coach regularly helps you take a step back brings sharper clarity to your business vision so it’s easier to make it a reality.

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Crystal Clear: Your business coach helps you to clarify your business vision.

W= Wow Moments: By understanding and unlocking what hinders you, experiences like ‘Oh I never thought of it like that!’ will become more common and your successes more frequent.

X= X-ray the Way You Work: You can’t see something that you don’t know is there. A business coach can spot your blind spots and help you make sense of things that you don’t know.

Y= Yes: As in someone to tell you ‘Yes!” You might think this contradicts N=No but, just as it is an advantage to have someone reign us in when we are getting to carried away with far -fetched ideas, we also need someone to push us outside our comfort zone and stop us from being too cautious. A business coach prevents you from missing great opportunities.

Z= Zzzz for sleep. Your business coach will advise you to take time off when it’s due and you’ll be able to sleep better knowing that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and your work life is a lot more fulfilled and stress-free with your coach’s help!

Now that you know your business coaching ABCs, if you’re interested in investing in coaching for yourself and your business join us or call 01484 401737 or email: to find out more!